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Old Quebec Walking Tour

Quick Details

  • Place d’Youville
  • Fortifications
  • Upper Town
  • Lower Town
  • Chateau Frontenac Hotel
  • Ride on Funicular
Passenger All Ages

Stroll Through Old Quebec

Our newest year-round tour has launched! Join Fitz for our intimate and personalized tour of the history and charm of Old Quebec City.

  • Explore cobblestoned streets, pass centuries-old British & French architectural gems, and catch views of ships at the dock.
  • Learn how Quebec, its St. Lawrence River Port, and massive fortifications made it the stronghold of French North America.
  • Feel how the area has evolved over time and what is bringing locals back into the neighbourhood.
  • Visit a state-of-the-art library, beautifully renovated inside a historical concert hall.
  • Enjoy a personalized experience – each guide has their own favorite spots & stories and will tailor their tour to you and the small group.

What to expect

  • To begin…
    To start, your tour guide will greet you at a cozy local café to give you a lay of the land.
  • The right pace
    Be prepared to be wowed by the narrow streets of Old Québec by exploring on foot, at a nice relaxed pace.
  • You’ll be in good hands
    Leave your guidebook and tuck away your phone (except for photos!), because your host will show you around this masterpiece of a slice of Europe in North America.
  • Space to connect and explore
    We keep our groups small. As a result, you get a more intimate experience with your guide to go up, down, over, and under to see less-obvious sights and hidden perspectives of Québec’s charming historic quarter.
  • Tips for your stay in Quebec
    As you walk, feel free to poke your head into restaurants, galleries, bars, or shops as we pass by to take note for later pleasures. In any case, your guide will be happy to share their recommendations and favourite spots.
  • Skip the stairs
    Québec has a lot of staircases, and we mean a lot! That’s why we include a ticket to ride to the legendary funicular, which will take us down to the foundations of the city and its oldest neighbourhood.
  • In conclusion…
    We end the tour at Place Royale, where it all started for Quebec and Canada.

Highlights of this tour

  • Place Youville
    Old Quebec’s central event square, with a skating rink during the winter!
  • Old Quebec Fortifications
    See and learn about the Ramparts of Quebec City, the only remaining fortified city walls in North America north of Mexico.
  • Maison de Literature
    Our mid-way warm stop is a former Methodist church beautifully restored into a modern library.
  • Old Quebec Seminary
    Beautiful building and tucked away courtyard.
  • Notre-Dame Cathedral
    Canada’s oldest church, featuring a ‘holy door,’ only the second constructed outside Europe.
  • Chateau Frontenac
    Canada’s most photographed hotel; your guide will take you inside.
  • Funiculaire
    Ride from the Upper Town to Lower Town to avoid the large staircase – your ticket is included in the tour!
  • Petit Champlain
    Old Quebec’s famous charming lower town streets.
  • Place Royale
    Old Quebec’s Lower Town main square.

Where to Meet

This walking tour meets in upper town at Brulerie Saint-Jean café. (881 Rue Saint-Jean)
Arrive early to grab a coffee or snack!

  • 1-minute walk from the bus station (lines 800, 801, 7, 11)
  • 15-minute taxi ride from Sainte-Foy district
  • 20-minute walk from Chateau Frontenac

The tour ends at Place Royale in Lower Town.