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Special Promotion! Essential + Hoods & Hidden Gems Bike Tours Combo

Quick Details

  • See it all! Old Quebec (Upper & Lower Town)
  • Old Port, Plains of Abraham
  • Residential areas
  • Market
Save 25% on the second Tour

Quebec City Bike Tour Special Promotion

Book both our tours in advance to bike Quebec City and save! You can decide to take both on the same day or on separate days.

  • Make the most of your time in the city and combine our Essentials & Hoods & Hidden Gems Tours to ride Quebec City and see it all!
  • Take both tours in one day, or split them over two separate days – it’s up to you!
  • Perfect if you are staying a short time in Quebec City or want an in-depth introduction.

About your Essentials Tour

  • Cover the areas you need to see first in Quebec City all in one morning or afternoon in an active way.
  • Learn about Quebec City’s past, present, and future as the heart of French Canadian society in Canada.
  • Discover tucked-away parks, historic battle sites, and stunning views of the St. Lawrence River.
  • Ride the quaint charming streets of Old Quebec’s Upper Town, full of European-inspired architecture.
  • Make the Upper Town Bike Tour your first activity – learn the layout of the city, interact with its people, get ideas about what to do during your visit.

What to expect

Our Essential & Hoods & Hidden Gems Tour combo is the best way to bike Quebec City to see the city in a short time! Get ready to see the must-see sights, neighbourhoods, parks, and markets of the city.

Given that our tours are easy-going rides, you can choose to take both tours on the same day (AM + PM) or on separate days. You will be able to let us know when you complete your reservation.

If you choose to do the tours on the same day there is an hour break between the two rides. This provides more than enough time to grab a bite at one of the many nearby restaurants to the meeting point in the Quartier St. Jean Baptiste.

Where to Meet

This tour departs from The Roy-O Bicycles, located in the charming St. Jean Baptiste neighbourhood of the Upper Town, just outside the Old City Wall.

Within walking distance of Old Quebec hotels, and St. Roch Airbnb’s.